Home servers are two types; 1) Windows home server and 2) Linux home server

Windows home server

Windows Home Server is built with ASP programming language or MSSQL, MS Access, Visual Basic Development programs. It helps to keep files and data automatically backed up, organized, and accessible. Affordable and easy to use, it’s available as a preinstalled solution. By using windows home server you can get lost files, restore your PC, keep your devices running smoothly and safely, and stream media files across your home network. Windows home server has a problem, such as the HP Media Smart boxes, were more expensive than you wanted to pay but they start at around 600 Bucks for 1.5 Terabytes, and they were underpowered and difficult to upgrade. Hostholder.com provides windows server so easy to access. You can check here https://www.hostholder.com/shared-hosting/windows-shared-hosting/

Linux home server

At present Linux servers are more popular by their reputation for security, consistency, flexibility and ever-increasing requirements of business applications like system and network administration. If you build your website by PHP programming language then you have to use Linux home server. Many Linux users uses Linux home server for years without failure and have never seen a crash. Linux is also innately more secure than Windows is which is based on UNIX, was designed from the start to be a multiuser operating system. Linux also gets attacked less frequently by viruses and malware. Whereas Windows typically needs frequent hardware develops to accommodate its ever-increasing resource demands, Linux is slim, trim and scalable, and it performs admirably. You can get more secure, more powerful Linux server as cheap rate from https://www.hostholder.com/shared-hosting/linux-shared-hosting/